About ODIN

ODIN's primary focus is to equip infosec teams with a precise depiction of the internet, enabling them to strengthen their security defences and proactively detect threats within their attack surface.


ODIN represents a significant breakthrough as it can scan the complete IPv4 (3 billion IPs). By leveraging this extensive coverage, ODIN enables users to identify and catalogue over 600+ publicly accessible services. With ODIN, users can effortlessly build a comprehensive inventory encompassing hosts, domains, subdomains, certificates, images, and other crucial information.

ODIN, with its robust capabilities, provides users with unmatched insight into their digital environment. This advanced software thoroughly scans IPv4, meticulously examining the top 300+ sensitive ports. Each discovery is carefully fingerprinted to provide valuable context for analysis. Moreover, ODIN leverages over 35+ modules to enhance understanding of each specific service, resulting in a comprehensive and detailed view of an organisation's internet presence, review and update the content to keep it accurate and aligned with your evolving goals and values.